Summer school

The summer school is intended for active and passive participants, pupils, students and pedagogues of violin, viola, accordion, clarinet and chamber music. Each active participant will have 4 individual pedagogical lessons. Participants in the violin, viola, and clarinet seminar will also have rehearsals with piano accompanist. At the end, the performance of all participants is planned. Educators who would like to deepen their methodological knowledge can passive attend  (free)  all lessons of the master class of prof. Balzalorski and prof. Fistra.

violin / viola: Volodja Balžalorsky
violin / viola: Helfried Fister
accordion: Dejan Kušer
clarinet: Franjo Maček


Participants who would like rehearsals must send notes for piano accompaniment in pdf upon registration. form to e-mail

piano accompaniment: Karine Gišjan Roškar and Teja Štremfelj

Pedagogical accompaniment for minors is not organized.


  • corrections  of left and right hand techniques on strings,
  • technique of playing different types of music; classical, Jazz and Slovenian folk music, clarinet,
  • developing a sense of rhythm, practicing listening and engaging in different ensembles,
    stylistic interpretation and performance in solo literature of compositions, sonatas and concerts,
  • preparation before performances.


Favorable food (they are offering us a 10% discount this year as well) will be provided at the Hotel Špica Laško. Check out the special offer online.
A more pleasant stay
We recommend more affordable accommodation for participants in Zdravilišče Laško ****, reservation on tel. no. 03 423 2100 or mail is a mandatory indication of the group: GODALKANJE
or Hotel Špica ***, tel. +386 3 734 20 50,

You can apply with an electronic application form.